Our Technology

CyberEx utilises the multi-patented cyber risk management and quantification software product suite, CyCalc ®, from Quantar Solutions for its’ teaching programmes.

CyCalc Suite is composes of 3 modules; Network Operational Risk Manager (n-ORM); Predictive Analytics Engine (PAE), and Internet Protocol Threat Assessment Programme (IPTAP).

However, unless there is a customised programme requiring the use of Predictive Analytics Engine (PAE), we only use two of the components. This is because PAE is for risk managers used to complex stochastic modelling of data.

By contrast, Network Operational Risk Manager (n-ORM) was designed for use across all levels of an organisation, from non-technical personnel, to enterprise risk and compliance officers.

IP TAP is a system that acquires actual threat data from inbound network traffic for an individual organisation. This is used within our cyber risk management programme to enable course participants to work in a hands-on manner with the type of actual threats posed to an organization. We use this data in several ways to create experiential learning that cannot be replicated by others, due to our intellectual property protection of the system and method.

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