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Cyber Risk Awareness Training

Amended and new regulations in the UK, EU and US now mandate cyber awareness training, for all levels of personnel, with the burden of proof of training falling to every organization. As with many data privacy regulations, it is for companies to prove they are compliant with auditable proof.

CyberEx assists your organization through the provision of verifiable evidence of training, whether we deliver this in-person or remotely. Our objective is to ensure we deliver effective cyber awareness training in a manner enabling your staff to retain their newly acquired knowledge and use it in practice within their roles.

New for 2022, ISO27002, the de facto cyber security standard globally, has been revised. The changes to the standard now place an emphasis upon organizational controls, including cyber awareness training. If your organization certifies to ISO27002, you will need to provide demonstrable proof of effective awareness training in order to retain your certification.

Some sectors are more heavily regulated than others. Where financial products, investments and management of individual funds are concerned, there are new requirements relating to cyber awareness training. Sectors within financial services, banking, credit services, automotive retailing, among others are particularly mandated to undertake ongoing cyber awareness training for all employees.

CyberEx Academy provides the cyber awareness & risk management training you need to meet todays regulatory and standards requirements

Why Cyber Risk Awareness?

  • Regulations & updated standards for 2022 require cyber awareness training at all levels within organisations
  • People change roles. Having an internal network to draw upon results in continued contact points for valuable cyber risk management insights
  • Shared learning – different company participant profiles create a shared experience that continues post-training
  • Don’t take a whack-a-mole approach to your cyber risk management strategy
  • A cyber-attack on your client, competitor, or supplier is a great motivator – be proactive and manage your cyber risks effectively
  • If you do not show your people what they should, or should not do, how can you expect them to fulfil your expectations?
  • Once done, there is no room for complacency in cyber risk management – it is an ongoing task

Awareness Training Benefits

Strategic alignment of corporate risk management and cyber risk management is vital to an organization ability to control cyber risks. CyberEx cyber awareness training is designed to help personnel at all levels of your organization align and perform with the management of cyber risks as part of delivering on your risk management strategy.

Many operations are siloed, resulting in disparate cyber risk control thinking, sub-optimal cyber risk management and a misunderstanding of your company’s cyber strategy. We can assist you in creating cyber risk awareness throughout your organization, enabling all personnel to see the big picture of how their role can be key in contributing to overall corporate cyber resilience.

CyberEx awareness training participants gain insights into how they play a crucial role in maintain cyber resilience within your organization. Our experiential learning method ensures they are able to put lessons into day-to-day practice. Each session is debriefed, with participants able to uncover new aspects of their cyber risk management role in their work environment.

Comply with the evidentiary requirements of new and amended regulations within the UK, EU and US through the CyberEx cyber awareness training programme for all personnel profiles; whether in-person or online.

Awareness Training Delivery

We know, from our professional academic experience across geographies, that learning should be interesting and fun for participants. Without a combination of traditional presentation content, a new and engaging experience and useful information to put into practice, knowledge is not retained.

CyberEx utilises a mixture of course content, along with self-test quizzes to provide attendees with the satisfaction they have gained new skills, whilst also providing proof of cyber awareness training for our client organizations.

Our delivery:

  • Two-way dialogue between trainer and participant ensures clarity
  • Confirmatory proof of cyber risk awareness training for all personnel
  • No geek speak – we ensure our course content is applicable to all staff profiles
  • Aligns cyber security strategy to your personnel’s cyber risk knowledge and skills
  • Delivery of training to suit your needs; whether in-person, or remotely

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Want to hear how we can help develop your peoples’ cyber awareness and risk management? Get in touch below, and we’ll be happy to help.

Selecting development partners you can rely on in producing the best quality output is critical in cyber risk management

Dr. Phillip King-Wilson
Founder, Quantar Solutions
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