Cyber Risk Management Training for Non-Technical Staff

Having cyber risk management acumen requires having an in-depth understanding of the different factors within a complex human-technology environment that can affect a company’s resilience to cyber-attacks. Knowing how to manage digital risks to drive corporate risk management performance and meet regulatory and standards compliance are critical. Our cyber risk simulations are specifically designed to increase your people’s business cyber risk awareness and risk management through hands-on experiential learning. – at all levels of your organization.

Cyber Risk Simulation Training

During the CyberEx cyber risk management simulations or custom solutions, participants work with the multi-patented cyber risk software from Quantar Solutions to gain hands-on experience of all the components that comprise effective digital risk management.

Throughout the simulation, your employees learn which facts and skills are required for effectively managing cyber risks, what levels of knowledge are necessary for their peers and other personnel to become aware of their roles in building cyber resilience.

Providing your teams with the means to understand their roles within corporate cyber risk strategy formulation and management provides them with the motivation to think critically, gain cyber risk management skills and improve your company’s cyber resilience throughout your organization.

Cyber risk experiential simulations allow non-technical managers to practice and perfect their cyber risk management skills.

Learn the basics of cyber risks and awareness in non-technical, competitive, team-based simulations.

Our cyber risk management simulations strengthen existing managerial skills at personal and corporate risk strategy levels.



Cyber Status

Quick Response

We can act swiftly to analyse and assess your current cyber risk management capability position and provide a risk-based report, without the need to commit your own resources to any long-term plan of action.



With over 20 years operating within active cyber risk management, we have gained experience in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and operations, across a number of countries.

Skills & Knowledge

Business Savvy

We evaluate and justify our reporting and plans of action from a thorough understanding of the cyber awareness and cyber risk management benefits to your business.

Plain Speaking

No Geek Speak

You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. We will provide you with easy to understand explanations of your present position and what you need to do.

Unique Capability

One Stop Shop

We are certified across the domains of GDPR, ISO 27000, DSDM Agile, Enterprise Big Data and have our own proprietary and unique cyber risk management teaching software systems.


Client Satisfaction

We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Our work is confidential and we provide the assurance that you need through our working practices.

Why our clients choose us

Unique Experience

We utilise patented cyber risk management applications for our courses

Our Technology


We work with you to understand your needs and the content your staff require

What We Do

Depth of Knowledge

With over 20 years of cyber risk management, we have broad skills; from models to psychology

Company History

Build Cyber Resilience

A great cyber resilience team starts with great training

We have over 20 years of training and technology experience in cyber risk management and compliance.

Face-to-face or digitally

Our courses can be delivered as required, either virtually, or in-person using our patented cyber risk management methods. We offer the opportunity for your participants to gain hands-on experience of real-world cyber risk management scenarios.

Flexibility and customisation

We offer a modular approach to our learning pathway, to fit your personnel profile needs to our programmes. From traditional training and presentation methods to simulations and team casework, our modules enable your team members to attain the required skills and knowledge needed for cyber resilience

Programme Delivery


We use unique cyber risk management simulations for hands-on learning experiential learning in a safe experimental environment allowing staff to make mistakes as part of their learning

In-Person or Remote

For non-technical staff needing to learn the basics of cyber risk management for their roles, we can offer in-person training or delivery online, with a customisable course option list to suit your needs

Certified Attendance

We certify that your personnel have completed training, whether for cyber awareness or cyber risk management to provide you with the proof of training required for regulatory compliance


Unlike many training programmes, we seek to deliver our courses with a mixture of content and delivery to remove the drudgery of endless screens of information throughout the day.

Want to hear how we can help develop your peoples’ cyber awareness and risk management? Get in touch below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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