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Selecting development partners you can rely on in producing the best quality output is critical in cyber risk management

Dr. Phillip King-Wilson
Founder, Quantar Solutions

What Are Cyber Risk Simulations?

We use our unique, multi-patented cyber risk management software solutions to provide your personnel with hands-on experiential learning within a safe environment.

Cyber risk simulations are the bridge between traditional modes of teaching and on the job, real life operations. Our software facilitates understanding of all aspects of cyber risks, your organisations specificities and how they relate to cyber exposure and how it can be managed.

We provide individuals and teams with our easy-to-understand software that has been designed to be used by non-IT personnel, with drag-n-drop mapping and clear and comprehensible bar graph and trend line interfaces.

This enables your team members to undertake the day-to-day tasks faced by cyber risk managers and gain a full understanding of the parameters they take into account on a daily basis. Having experienced how to manage cyber risks, your staff can meaningfully contribute to building operational cyber resilience.

Giving the opportunity to non-IT managers and executives to gain actual cyber risk management skills experientially enables strategic risk framework development and improve alignment of cyber risk management with overall enterprise risk management.

We fit a complete programme into a single day, including a blend of teaching methods for a comprehensive cyber risk programme. Where your organisation has specific requirements, we can work collaboratively to create and run customised simulations to cover a more targeted area such as:


Cyber risk models and their applicability or weaknesses


Mapping to your OT/IT interdependencies


Inputting using firm-specific data


Utilising specified threat data parameters


Using your firm-specific IT and business process topology


Establishing team competitions – the winners reduce cyber exposure the most / to a target

Leading corporations use business simulations to improve performance in all aspects of their business. We can add to your existing programmes and add cyber risk control capabilities to your organisation.

Hands-on Learning

Our unique cyber risk software enables your teams to:

  • Understand the factors influencing your cyber risk exposure
  • Learn what changes to IT systems, processes and categories do to exposure
  • Determine which systems or processes are at most risk
  • Identify external factors affecting cyber risk exposure
  • Calculate cost-benefit option effectiveness
  • Comprehend risk transfer options

Cyber Strategy Development

Learning experientially leads to your teams’ ability to meaningfully contribute in all discussions relating to cyber risk exposure.

Understanding of factors affecting cyber exposure leads to development of resilience through taking strategic decisions in relation to IT security investment, IT general controls testing, fit to overall enterprise risk management, feeds in to business continuity planning and a broader set of IT and cyber risk control operations.

Create a Cyber-Skilled Team

Empower your teams through experiential learning

Simple drag-n-drop mapping between IT systems, business processes and categories with manual inputs for data to provide a rapid status report

Using “what-if” scenarios, your teams learn which elements of cyber risk control bring the desired effects. Learning by doing facilitates building of cyber risk knowledge and associated strategic decision taking to reduce exposure

Create a knowledgeable workforce with a higher awareness of internal and external cyber risks. Increase your organisations’ ability to control cyber expsoure to the desired level. Align your teams with Board mandates and risk appetite

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