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We have been developing and providing executive learning experiences, to facilitate assimilation of knowledge across a variety of areas within a business environment, since 1996.

Our programme content allows all personnel profiles to practice and enhance both their everyday work skills, as well as for future career development, all within a risk-free environment. This is particularly important when working within the cyber risk domain, where a simple action or omission can have a major negative impact.

Having worked with globally recognised business schools, as well as with national brand organizations, we have aligned our distance learning capabilities with the technology utilised by top entities – from Big4 audit firms, to teaching hospitals.

Utilising generally accepted online tools, we can deliver our programmes to individuals, regardless of location, engaging them in conjunction with other participants for a deep learning experience, all within an online environment.

Our remote learning content includes cyber awareness, cyber risk management and technology risk management, where personnel availability may be limited due to day-to-day operational needs.

We can bring your team members together and combine their joint knowledge, to deliver an absorptive cyber risk learning experience, building cyber resilience within your organisation.

Our Remote Learning Solutions:


Cyber risk awareness training for all levels of personnel is now mandated by regulations and international standards certification bodies. We can assist your organization is meeting the new requirements.

Cyber RM

We provide hands-on cyber risk management learning for non-technical managers and executives who need to acquire a greater understanding of cyber risks

Technology RM

Separate, but related training for non-technical personnel who encounter technology risks within their current of future roles. Understanding the broader picture of where technology and operations interdependencies meet is critical for all organizations.

Custom Programmes

Where your organization requires a slightly different approach, or additional tailored modules developed for individualisation, we can co-create custom packages to suit your needs. Our existing programme content can also be repurposed to cut time to delivery.

Compliant Technology Delivery Platforms

We use technology certified as compliant with global data protection laws and best-in-class security. Our adopting generally accepted BigTech platforms for delivering our learning solutions gives you peace of mind in our data and content delivery, storage and use.

Hands-On Simulations

Even using remote learning, we are able to offer our unique, multi-patented cyber risk simulations to your personnel. Through our software development lifecycle, we developed sub-applications to be emailed to users, whilst not interacting with client’s own software and networks.

Why Choose Us?

Unique Experience

We utilise patented cyber risk management applications for our courses

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We work with you to understand your needs and the content your staff require

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Depth of Knowledge

With over 20 years of cyber risk management, we have broad skills; from models to psychology

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We Work With Global Brands

We have a broad base of experience, both in terms of our clients industries, but also geographically – across the E.U. and within the U.S.

Our working with multiple business cultures, mindsets and language influences enables us to develop and deliver the programme content most suited to your organisation.

We have developed our core programmes with universality of understanding and absorption at their base. Drawing upon globally established frameworks, our modules enable your personnel to understand and embed our key themes into their everyday work environment.

Hands-on learning, in a safe environment creates the foundation for ongoing cyber resilience and awareness.

Prior Clients


Globally recognised business school INSEAD. We developed executive and MBA learning content with a focus upon technology.


Pan-European banking & insurance group. We developed knowledge transfer programmes for best practice transfer.


Netpex provides secure shelter for vulnerable young people. We assessed and created a GDPR programme to protect high risk personal data.

Gothaer Re

Gothaer Group is one of Germany’s largest insurers. We developed the first models and frameworks to value digital risks.

Learning for Wherever Your Team Members Are!

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