Technology Risk Management

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Selecting development partners you can rely on in producing the best quality output is critical in cyber risk management

Dr. Phillip King-Wilson
Founder, Quantar Solutions

Technology Risk Management Training

Technology risk management extends beyond cyber risk management and focuses more upon operational factors that can impact upon an organizations’ technology function. Of major importance to external auditors, information technology general control effectiveness (ITGC’s) impacts heavily upon your organization in terms of time and cost.

Where ITGC’s are found to be deficient, or where a cyber attack has successfully breached perimeter defences, your next statutory external audit and those in following periods, will take considerably longer due to a greater degree of examination of control design, applicability and operation by auditors. The costs of prolonged ITGC and associated technology risk controls can be considerable and not limited to purely the next audit period.

CyberEx has developed a technology risk management programme to complement our cyber risk awareness and cyber risk management training modules. In many instances, IT is viewed within divisions and departments are being a separate entity, with stand-alone policies and procedures beyond those applying to other operations.

With our technology risk management training programme, a broader personnel profile group can gain valuable and crucial knowledge and skills in understanding the full implications of technology operations. As certified ISO27002 auditors and GDPR practitioners, we have widespread expertise in understanding technology operations and organizational issues. Our technology risk management module is taught in a standard presentation format and may be added to our other core programme modules according to your organization’s needs.

We Have Broad Sector Experience


Strategic & tactical planning

Our training programmes will allow you to:

  • Identify and assess IT general controls
  • Provide input to internal and external IT audit teams
  • Meet increasing regulatory and standards training mandates
  • Increase overall cyber resilience
  • Upskill non-technical managers for the future
  • Create and maintain cyber risk frameworks
  • Satisfy external auditors – high ITGC performance
  • Define future IT risk controls with broader user inputs
  • Create alignment of IT with corporate risk management strategy


Our training targets the IT general control (ITGC) and financial statement line item impact (FSLI) areas of risk control. We have over 20 years of IT risk management and data security experience across a broad number of sectors and geographies

Top_Down Assessment

TechRisk Training Composition

We use a standard teaching format coupled with animated reminders per segment for enhanced information retention by participants. Our target audience for this training module is non-technical managers with IT involvement, junior managers wishing to make IT management their future career path and all personnel who require foundational knowledge of IT operations and risk controls.

Drawing upon our broad expertise, we have devised our technology risk management course in alignment with that utilised by external audit firms. Our delivery can be in-person or remotely according to your needs.

By creating a bank of knowledge across a spectrum of personnel within your organisation, individuals maintain links with other participants over the course of their careers, expanding their knowledge and facilitating ideas and experience exchange, deepening your talent pool in technology and cyber risk management.

Develop Your Cyber Resilience

Align all personnel with your cyber risk strategy. Enable all profiles to understand the big picture of how their awareness builds cyber resilience.

Once done, there is no room for complacency in cyber risk management – it is an ongoing task. Ensure all your staff become change agents to reach your cyber resilience goals.

A successful cyber risk management programme needs team members to learn from mistakes in a non-live environment. Our hands-on learning allows for mistakes to be made in safety. Build team confidence and skills.

Want to hear how we can help develop your peoples’ cyber awareness and risk management? Get in touch below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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