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Our Technology Risk Programme

Technology risk management training, as with cyber risk management training, is not free – its’ transactional.

Your staff gain valuable skills and knowledge and in exchange, your organisation gains IT risk resilience.

Additional to cyber risk management is the core in-house need for IT risk management upskilling for non-IT managers and executives. This is because:

  • Internal IT audit teams reply upon your personnel adhering to policies and procedures – staff understanding leads to greater compliance
  • External auditors assess your IT general controls for risk appropriateness, operation and compliance – a lack of validation leads to greater auditor scrutiny, with associated time and audit cost impact
  • Recent events have revealed IT-process interdependency weakness and now requires skilled and knowledgeable personnel to manage IT risks
  • The shift to the cloud and remote working has fundamentally altered IT risk exposures
  • Risk transfer becomes unavailable where ITGC’s are assessed annually as being deficient

We help companies build IT risk knowledge and skills to utilize the talents of your teams and resources optimally

Understand ITGC's

For non-IT managers and executives, there is frequently a mismatch between what IT risk controls are and what IT auditors expect and require.

Through undertaking our technology risk management programme, your personnel will gain insight into how, why and when IT risk controls are evaluated.

Through understanding IT risk controls and their applicability, operational effectiveness and deficiencies, your teams will be best placed to make strategic or managerial decisions relating to technology risks, building enterprise resilience.

  • ITGC’s – Assessments
  • FSLI’s – How can IT impact reporting
  • External Audit – What do they look for?
  • Internal Audit – Provide inputs for effective ITGC development/implementation
  • Risk Transfer – What, how much, when
  • SDLC – How to manage the risks
  • Top-Down – Risk assessment methodology

Build IT Risk Knowledge

Control Assessment
Inherent Risk Exposure

Empower your personnel through the provision of technology risk management training. Build resilience and enhance your external audit approach for operational excellence and lower audit costs.

We can assist you with developing the workforce required for today’s environment.


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Selecting development partners you can rely on in producing the best quality output is critical in cyber risk management

Dr. Phillip King-Wilson
Founder, Quantar Solutions

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