Company Overview

The CyberEx Academy is part of the UK Limited company Quantar Solutions, based in central London. Having developed cyber risk management solutions for 20+ years, CyberEx Academy was seen as a way of assisting organizations attain a higher level of cyber risk resilience. The background of Quantar Solutions provides a solid and demonstrable capability in creating cyber risk awareness as well as training for non-technical staff in the domain of cyber risk management. As regulations and standards now mandate cyber awareness training for all personnel, the CyberEx Academy can assist your organization in meeting compliance targets.

We provide experiential cyber risk training for all profiles of personnel; in-person, or remotely according to your needs

Key Themes

Our training programmes are modular according to need:
  • Decision making and influences
  • Cyber tricks of the trade
  • Cyber & technology risk management methods
  • Cyber risk management simulations
  • Awareness & behaviours
  • Human factors & situational management

Delivery & Time

We can deliver our cyber risk courses in-person or remotely using industry-standard tools

Times for courses are dependent upon each client’s needs. However, as an indicator, the following in general apply:

  • Cyber risk awareness 0.5 days
  • Cyber risk management 1 full day
  • Technology risk management 0.5 days

Participant Profile

We deliver cyber risk training according to your requirements, matching training content to personnel profiles. Our aim is to provide relevant training to all levels within your organization. Our programmes modules enable us to work with you to customise our training to fit your objectives. Participant profiles may include:


  • All levels of staff for mandatory cyber risk awareness training for internal cyber risk control and regulatory/standards compliance
  • Non-technical managers in need of an understanding of the methods and processes of cyber risk management as part of their role
  • Junior managers who intend to pursue a career in your organization requiring cyber and technology risk management skills and knowledge
  • Non-technical operational senior management whose roles do not require in-depth cyber/technology skills but would add to their personal knowledge as part of their day-to-day roles

Want to hear how we can help develop your peoples’ cyber awareness and risk management? Get in touch below, and we’ll be happy to help.

Selecting development partners you can rely on in producing the best quality output is critical in cyber risk management

Dr. Phillip King-Wilson
Founder, Quantar Solutions

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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